About Shiike

Shiike Vanderwerff began his journey of self discovery living in a Yoga Ashram for several of his teenage years. Being drawn to his own personal development has given Shiike a 25 year career in health and well-being.

As Shiike puts it. "By the time I was 25 my life had already been an incredible journey. I had renounced the world and lived as a yoga swami choosing my own name and attaining expert levels in martial arts. I changed all that when I married and entered fatherhood. I went on to own and manage several successful businesses across Australia and received various community service awards.

"This was when I decided to approach life in a way that allowed me to feel good about myself all the time. And that's how I began my life's purpose of working with and helping other people to attain good health and a balanced lifestyle. I found myself facilitating the two key qualities of passion and change that had given my life so many joyful moments and that were so imoprtant to me.

"I now live on the Gold Coast fine-tuning my own work/life balance every day, with the help of my three children, beautiful wife of 17 years and two dogs".